The day I realized I like healers

safari-gordonWhen I was a kid playing D&D-style fantasy games I stuck pretty heavily to Paladins. Then I had a Thief phase. But my real love is Healers like Clerics, or in modern games Medics.

As I was looking through old Drylands notes I stumbled across when I finally realized how fun a support character could be. This carries forward to even now, as I recently played a doctor Droid in a Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign.

Original note (from Feb 5 2007):

As I was brainstorming Drylands characters I realized something. I actually would want to play a combat medic. Then I thought some more, and a cleric in D&D doesn’t sound too shabby. How can this be?!
I think it all comes down to when I started a monk in GW…and got into it and realized I enjoyed keeping the party alive. Previously I would shuffle the role of healer onto some NPC who tags along and says nothing until it’s time to whip out the cure light wounds / medipak. Or maybe my tastes have just changed from the cliche teenager love of snipers and assassins.
Either way, I’ve planned a character for another of the Schaeffer’s Last Chancers figure. This time the crouched safari looking fellow (I would find a picture if I wasn’t writing this in a remote terminal from work). Replace his gun with a crossbow, paint a red cross on his big backpack and voila, Jed Blesse the hot tempered red necked (gotta have some variety) Nebraska vet of the Iraq war.

I ended up painting the safari figure mentioned literally 6 years later (I am so incredibly slow at getting around to it) as you can see above to the right. He had his first game not in Drylands, but in a Dinosaur Cowboys campaign.

On another note I’d really like to make a game that focuses on healers at some point, because I think it’s a neat topic. The aforementioned Guild Wars 1 still has the best balance and uniqueness of healing and protection spells I’ve ever seen in a game, and capturing that playstyle would be my goal. But that’s far, far down the road.


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