Campaign maps for Drylands

By 2007+ I was keeping more electronic notes and being organized with my files. I actually set up my first home Subversion version control system just to check Drylands documents in, which by then I had been writing for a year. I also was keeping a somewhat steady journal of notes around the development, before I even considered making a blog.

So my main Drylands campaign from that era is actually pretty well documented.

First of all I made some fun maps for the main campaign I ran for the game. Basically took Google Maps screenshots and aged them with sepia tones and grainy effects. Speaking of memories that campaign had plenty, like driving a beaten up Minivan (with the door carved off to easily shoot out of) across the savage highways, being raided by amerinds, and desperately scrounging for food in every small Dakota Belt town before reaching Sioux Falls and realizing it’s overrun entirely by warring gangs.

Let me provide a fun “gang legend” for the Sioux Falls map above (with all the color patches):

Red (North) = Dakota Belt Centaurs
Light Green (Center North) = Mishima Corporation (japanese gang, started out corporate now degrading to violent youth gang)
Gray (Center South) = Citibank Ravagers (professionals in suits)
Teal (West) = The Shield Zone, Shield Militia (safe neutral zone, commercial sector)
Green (North East) = Scalpers (indian gang, members called “scalps”, reinforced from grassland patrols)
Blue (East) = Girl Scout Troop #29 (all female gang, members called “scouts”)
Purple (South East) = Forty Thieves (irish gang from 1826 New York)
Orange (South) = Vice Lords (black gang, members called “VLs”)
Dark Green (South) = First Church of Purity (religious nuts, members called “churchees”)
Other = Dust Pirates (mercenaries with no turf, hire out to anyone)


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