Preparation notes for Party of Light

My light RPG Party of Light has been played a bunch with my family, who I designed the game for more or less. I thought today I’d share some of my session prep notes. Mainly because they look awfully similar to the detail, story, and complexity I could achieve when I was running D&D campaigns.

For a bit of background this is midway through the campaign with my nieces. The sessions before had them tracking down a purple goo that spread and poisoned the land. In the end the goo was set loose on the world by a King who was mad with grief at the loss of his Queen. Was a fun time trying to investigate and test the properties of the goo, track down it’s source and origin, and find a way to stop it.

– Receive a message via messenger from the King’s brother, a ruler to the north
– He wishes to hear the tale of the “Mad King”, offers to transport party
– Have an NPC captain who is likeable and a bit of a guide. Uses Mind to charm
– Travelling by boat up north
– Crash along the way in a wintery, forsaken land
– Various attacks and battles
– Captain thinks aggressive ice creatures are being driven by something
– Eventually revealed a frosty white dragon is to blame
– Find a lot of frozen people and settlements
– Escape eventually by finding a warm grove with flying unicorns
– Druid who owns grove tells of white dragon
– Can choose to go north to King’s brother or stay to fight white dragon

– Boat attacked by mermaids and mermen (nets & tridents)
– After crash landing attacked by frost wurms
– Limp from fight to find trader caravan stuck in snow
— Can buy items here
— Also mention warm grove
— Can take two routes: over mountains or under dwarf hallways
— Along the way come across a frozen settlement, right before fork in path
— Mountains: Ice giants are attacking orcs, need to choose a side
— Halls: Surly dwarf town, being overrun by ice elementals
– Fight frosty white dragonkin who are raiding warm grove

– Fireside Cloak: Can unfold into a 10’x10′ area, then setup like a tent, keeps everything inside warm
– Wand of Icicles: Once per game, Normal check, 2 Stamina damage and freeze target solid (cannot move, all attacks vs are Easy)
– Maiden’s Mace: Once per game, recover Stamina after a successful attack. 1 for Easy, 2 Normal, 3 Hard


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