Wing Commander Privateer quadrant map

Wing Commander Privateer quadrant map

Pretty random post today, completely unrelated to tabletop games at all.

Wing Commander Privateer was one of the first computer games I bought. I remember getting a pair of CDs in a combo set with Strike Commander. I feel like the game package was $90 at the time (early/mid 90s). I just LOVED Privateer, and still play it regularly (thanks to the Good Old Games version).

Anyway when I’m accepting missions in that game I often forget which system and planet are where. So I looked for a good quality printable quadrant map to have at my disposal when I play.

I stumbled across this site (EDIT: now defunct), installed their program, and wanted to make a copy of their high resolution map available for future internet searches.

So here it is! Click for the full size, and print as desired.

EDIT: Reworked map a bit from the comments below. Added Padre as a Pleasure Planet, and put in the missing pirate bases.

4 thoughts on “Wing Commander Privateer quadrant map

  1. Thanks for this map! I have been playing Privateer regularly since 1993! This is super helpful. One small correction, Padre has a pleasure planet.


    1. Me too, Privateer was my first game on CD. I’m so happy we have GOG to be able to still play it, and now Rebel Galaxy Outlaw as a spiritual successor.

      Thanks for the tip on the map error, I’ve fixed it so that Padre has a pleasure planet. Heck of a place to visit.


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