Considering complexity with re-rolls

I was thinking about how re-rolls could be integrated into Fickle RPG recently. Mostly as a fun thought/design exercise, since I think there are enough decision points in the resolution process already. I could see three approaches:

1. Replace Underdog Bonus: Right now if you allocate less Fickle dice than your opponent you get the “Underdog Bonus” and your dice can “Explode”, which means on a roll of 6 you roll another free D6. These can chain. This gives drastically outskilled (like 7 dice against 3) characters a chance, and also gives another choice when allocating similar sized dice pools (since it’s an advantage you could try to allocate for).

Now arguably this isn’t insanely impactful. There certainly have been cases of Exploding dice with Underdog “going off” and turning a lost resolution into a win.

Replacing with re-rolls would be quite simple: If you allocate less Fickle dice and get the Underdog Bonus, you can choose to re-roll your Fickle dice. The question would be is it a FULL re-roll (all dice must be re-rolled, even existing successes) or a chosen re-roll where you don’t have to re-roll your dice. The former is less powerful, the latter is much more powerful and almost doubles your dice when it comes to odds. The downside is does this make Underdog too tempting? The choice changes a bit too if you allocate just a single dice, as then it doesn’t matter if you’re full or choice re-rolling.

1a. Optionally Replace Underdog Bonus: This might be a non-choice because one is obviously superior, but maybe whoever has the Underdog bonus could choose (before rolling) whether they want Exploding or Re-Rolls.

2. New Mechanic if “Doubled”: The second option is to have a new decision during allocation: If your opponents dice pool is double/twice yours, you can re-roll (again would have to decide on full vs choice re-rolls). This would come into play if say you had 4 dice and the opponent had 8+. Problems? Tons of them…this is the least likely way I’d implement re-rolls. For one thing it’d be pretty rare. There would be awkward timing I could imagine where the player declares they’re going to do something that would give them 5 dice, then the opponent describes their reaction with 6 dice, then the player wants to switch their choice to instead use their 3 dice attribute to get the “Doubled” re-roll, and then maybe the opponent wants to adjust to counter that, and so on. Realistically we always have the acting person declare first before the reactor, but yeah, could still be an issue. The other problem is somewhat present already in the game, and that is the player might choose their action purely for the best odds they have, and less so for the story or what their character would actually do. For example they might normally shoot with their Intelligence, but hey if they shoot with Strength this time they get the Doubled bonus. All in all a flawed concept on how re-rolls could be added.

3. Pool of Re-Roll Tokens: The image at the start of this post might have given it away, but I’d be really tempted to use an approach of the players (as a group) and the Storyteller each getting a resource pool of spendable re-roll tokens. Sort of like team re-rolls in Blood Bowl. This almost goes back to the old Karma dice idea on how to set it up, in the sense of would the pool be sized from 1 re-roll token per player, or a set number, or what. Could that pool grow? Would it be sized well enough that re-rolls would be used regularly to be useful and interesting, or would they be too stingy and never be used? Would a re-roll pool lower the impact and weight of the Exploit Coin? Would players end up burning their re-rolls guaranteed for the last resolution or two of the night just because they know the pool resets next session? Would it add too much tedium of checking if the player is going to re-roll, then the Storyteller declaring if they are? Would I end up naming the pool “Fate” and then having to put a little note on the bottom of the character sheet as to what Fickle, Flat, and Fate are? Or name it Fortune and rename the already renamed Exploit Coin back to Fate?

If I went this route I envision tokens like these or these from Litko:

Anyway the idea of re-rolls is interesting. When used it would lengthen resolution as you’re doing an extra set of rolls. There are flaws and downsides to all of the ideas and implementations above. After getting the choices down on paper I actually think I’d lean towards replacing the Underdog Bonus, as it’d be more reliable than Exploding dice. I’m going to try it for my next game, just to see, but basically it’s an interesting exercise for my brain, but sometimes a cool mechanic doesn’t necessarily fit into a game well.

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