Android Netrunner is going out of print

Not sure how I missed this extremely sad news, but Android Netrunner officially went out of print a week ago: Fantasy Flight’s blog post. Sounds like a licensing issue with Wizards of the Coast, which is not surprising. So yeah, that’s a big bummer. I need to stop at my local hobby shop asap and pick up any expansions and cards I want before they become expensive Ebay purchases.

I still try to play Netrunner once a month with my friend, and I don’t see that stopping. Just sad that it’ll be one more barrier to entry if someone else wanted to buy the starter set. Ah well, it won’t be the first out of print game I’ve played and loved (see also Silent Death and Car Wars).

Seems like FFG is going to continue the Android universe. They just announced a sourcebook for an Android RPG using their generic Genesys sytem. I’ve always though Genesys was bit like my own Fickle RPG, from being setting agnostic, to using a common dice pool pulled from a variety of stats, etc. I imagine Genesys has the flaws that annoyed me about Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion though (mainly scaling poorly, slow to resolve with no meaningful choice, and was confused between a crunchy combat game and a light narrative game).

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