Fickle RPG v1.0 is finally here!

Hooray, what an exciting day, my favorite light, narrative, universal setting system is here. As a designer I asked myself back in 2015: “what if there was a tabletop game where combat resolution was as involved, interesting, and full of meaningful and unique decisions as the movement phase”, and after a lot of thought and brainstorming and playtesting Fickle RPG is the result. Throw in the key component of EVERYTHING (not just guns and physical attacks) being a first class citizen and treated equally and as valid a way to end an encounter. The core dice resolution mechanic which has bluffing, bidding, and meaningful decisions baked in as part of the process. The dice resolution was slowly refined and tweaked and I’m extremely happy with the result. The game has been played with a lot of people in a lot of genres that are vastly different (from cliche zombies to Judge Dredd to modern military to Star Wars) and has been great each time.

Without further ado enjoy the freshly pressed Fickle RPG v1.0 rulebook.

I 100% admit dragging my feet on one of he few last outstanding items, which was to take a component picture to replace the placeholder photo in the rulebook. Like painfully long (since I mentioned moving to v1.0 over a year ago), but hey, nobody’s perfect.

What’s Next for Fickle
Probably a few setting documents here and there as I play it more with friends. I think a Cyberpunk 2077 theme would be fun to try, plus playing evil monsters in a high fantasy setting, or superheroes, or even b-movie stuff like Tremors. I don’t intend to endlessly tweak the rules like I did with Dinosaur Cowboys as I think the game is in a great place, so yeah, unless I find some glaring typos or huge gaps in the instructions I’ll consider the game finished.

I also want to add Fickle RPG to RPG Geek as I have Dinosaur Cowboys listed on there and it feels pretty official and fun. I also tend to get a lot of traffic from Darkshire so that’d be another place to add. And I’d really be impressed with myself to eventually have Fickle RPG on DriveThruRPG (still for free of course).

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