Ideas for future Glowquest expansions

Ideas for future Glowquest expansions

I know it seems really early to be thinking about expansions, but I wanted to keep the core/basic game of Glowquest quite simple, and the only way I could do that was to push a bunch of complex features until later, optional add-ons/expansions. So here are bunch of maybe-who-knows ideas for expansions (these are somewhat ordered in the way/priority I want to tackle them):

  • Dungeon features, like gargoyle statues, pits, etc. that have different abilities and rules and cards for each
  • Classes
    — Different “Class Cards” that have different base abilities
    — Very small but distinguishing differences
    — For example Duelist (Offense) always rolls 2D12 and picks highest for attack,
    whereas Gambler (Offense) rolls 1D6 damage instead of a set amount
    — Could combine Role cards into this, so like “Barbarian (Defense)” on your card
    — Realistically only want 1 card for who you are
    — Most likely move Hero-Sheet to Nandeck and pull Class/Role data from a CSV file above the fillable stuff
  • Cross Role expansion (discard 3 Benefits to gain 1 from other Role deck?)
    — Also promotes a bit of discussion on re-shuffling the deck with the secondary player asking the primary player
    — Could limit to only 1 other Role? So Offense/Utility, but not Off/Util/Def on a single guy
  • Campaign (grow/keep characters, town stuff in between)
    — Probably need to add money/currency, but keeping to use Benefits as a pseudo-currency would be awesome for simplicity
  • Quests and different objectives
    — Maybe even different lose conditions?
  • Interrupts (Belt/Gloves – encounter start, Helmet – ally unconscious)
    — Be very careful with this, perhaps the game functions fine without out-of-turn actions
  • Reserved Surges, can put some aside to save for interrupts or other effects
    — Maybe replaces Interrupts entirely? And makes every Benefit you have an Interrupt? Could very, very quickly get out of control that way for minimal benefit
  • Races
    — Similar to Classes in that you can choose 1 card that gives a special bonus that really sums up a Race
    — Generally just makes starting a new game more complex/overwhelming unless experienced
  • Elemental damage
    — As long as it’s done right: more Spiral Knights than Grim Dawn
  • Difficulty modifiers
    — Kind of like totems from Bastion or relics from Risk of Rain. New monster Basics? New passives?
  • Dungeon creation rules
    — Certain races only allowed, certain buffs given to all monsters, certain environmental factors
  • Add an optional “Escalation” choice (maybe in an expansion?) that the party can agree to do
    — Primarily designed to break up boring fights (ideally this is solved another way, like changing boring enemies or tweaking to-hit/dam numbers)
    — But anyway idea is EVERYONE gets +1 attack dice and chooses highest, so basically like Offense (who would now be 3D12?)
    — Theory is fast and deadly combat with tons of hits. Harder on Utility likely?
    – If players tend towards this mode ALL the time then maybe there is a more fundamental problem with the base math

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