Changing Hazard Checks to account for speed

Some more good changes to White Line Fever from my most recent playtest. I still need to sit down and think up some more Deployment types though, since the existing two are a bit limited. Ideally I’ll have half a dozen.

One issue that’s always kind of irked me about the reworked rules though is “Floor It” not factoring in your Speed. How it works is you get 1 free Maneuver each round (and each Maneuver let’s you move, turn/drift, and attack), then you can choose to push your luck and try to get more Maneuvers. Each subsequent Maneuver requires a successful roll on a D6 where the target is the number of Maneuvers you’ve done so far. So to do a 2nd Maneuver is 2+, third is 3+, and so on right up to 6+. But Speed isn’t a factor, so going for 1 extra Maneuver at Speed 2 is as difficult as Speed 6.
For a game with the subtitle “Speed is Everything” this seems wrong. But it adds another step and some super minor math to involve Speed, so I’ve been hesitant. I’m still working on a solution, but the main contender right now is switching from D6 to D12, and changing the target to be Speed + Maneuver num. So Speed 4 trying for a 2nd Maneuver would require 6+ (4+2) on a D12 instead of just a flat 2+ on a D6 with the current way.
My biggest concern, besides the slowdown in play (I found it awkward to add up, but that might have been because I kept the Speed marking dice on record sheet beside the table and the Maneuver counting tokens on the table), is how the pace of play will be affected. Will average Maneuvers go from 4 to 1 or 2? Also will one Speed emerge as the clear choice? Right now Speed is more a choice of what you think you can get away with given the terrain and where you expect to drive through in that round. I also think it becomes slightly less transparent on what your odds are…obviously going faster and doing more Maneuvers is riskier, but HOW risky is not as easy at a glance as a linear D6.
Other possibilities are a D10 (likely to make Speed 5 or 6 completely pointless…plus I hate D10) or 2D6 (even more math though, even if it’s mostly second nature for people). Still trying to brainstorm some other possibilities to factor in Speed.

Anyway the D12 math works out how you’d expect: easier at slower Speeds, with a breaking point around Speed 3, and quite a risk near Speed 6.

D6 basic odds
1+: 100%
2+: 83.33%
3+: 66.67%
4+: 50.00%
5+: 33.33%
6+: 16.67%

D12 basic odds
1+: 100%
2+: 91.67%
3+: 83.33%
4+: 75.00%
5+: 66.67%
6+: 58.33%
7+: 50.00%
8+: 41.67%
9+: 33.33%
10+: 25.00%
11+: 16.67%
12+: 8.33%

Speed 2 chance on Maneuver number…
1: 83.33%
2: 75.00%
3: 66.67%
4: 58.33%
5: 50.00%
6: 41.67%

Speed 3 chance on Maneuver number…
1: 75.00%
2: 66.67%
3: 58.33%
4: 50.00%
5: 41.67%
6: 33.33%

Speed 4 chance on Maneuver number…
1: 66.67%
2: 58.33%
3: 50.00%
4: 41.67%
5: 33.33%
6: 25.00%

Speed 5 chance on Maneuver number…
1: 58.33%
2: 50.00%
3: 41.67%
4: 33.33%
5: 25.00%
6: 16.67%

Speed 6 chance on Maneuver number…
1: 50.00%
2: 41.67%
3: 33.33%
4: 25.00%
5: 16.67%
6: 8.33%

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