Quick dice system for roll-and-move racing games

I had ordered a simple kids game called Cars Risky Raceway and it arrived over the weekend so we were playing it. The game uses basic roll-and-move (well, spin-and-move) to get around the board. Which is a perfectly fine mechanic for teaching kids (like my middle son) the basics of games. But for my oldest daughter it gets a bit boring. The track itself is terrific with nice bridges and a good amount of squares:

So after some thinking I threw together a quick dice system that works with the game, or any similar roll-and-move games as a drop-in replacement for the ~5+ year old kids. The idea is to simulate the speed and rush of racing by trying to quickly match dice. And since adults are naturally faster at it there is a built in handicap for kids to keep it challenging.

Roll 4D6 of one color and 2D6 (we called them the “kid dice”) of another color. We used dice with pips/dots instead of written numbers.

We used a dice cup for this so the dice stay together (and we could roll them and count down from 3 before removing the cup for even MORE racing feel).

Reveal the dice and both players try to find any matches. ONLY the kids can match with the “kid dice”. For each individual matching dice you call out and grab, you get to move 1 square. If both players shout the same match at the same time, just re-roll.

For example we roll 3, 3, 4, 6 and 1, 6. The adult sees a match on 3s and calls that out before the kid can, but the kid calls their own match on 6s. Both players move 2 squares. They roll again getting 1, 2, 4, 5 and 2, 2. The poor adult has no available matches while the kid gleefully yells out 2s and gets to move 3 squares (for three 2s).

The “kid dice” handicap can be changed as needed, such as giving them more dice. We also have some colored dice from Monza (which is a great kids game on it’s own) so we also tried matching with colors, which I found my kids were able to do faster than D6s. And of course we expanded the system with Nitro Boosts and stuff, but those are simple enough to theme to what you want.

Neato Picture
Also a cool retrofuturism picture of “glowing roads” that’s ever so vaguely related to racing games, I guess?

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