Setting: Spaceship crash in Fickle RPG

With Covid-19 keeping all the fun RPGing remote, I ran a pair of sessions recently for Fickle RPG. We used Discord for audio/video and people scrounged whatever sheets they had lying around or could print, as well as a mish mash of D6s (I never realized how few of my friends had dice collections haha). The game is really meant to be played in person, as allocating the dice loses a lot of the bluff/guessing element when there’s an audio delay and people can’t be face to face. We also didn’t use the Underdog Bonus as it was easier remotely for people to just allocate/roll/total successes and tell me what they got.

The same theme was used both nights (was back to back Fri and Sat, super fun but mentally tiring). The first night had 4 players but unfortunately one had connection/internet problems so they bailed halfway through. The second night had 5-7 people that fluctuated as some people had to leave a bit earlier than others, or arrived late. I was somewhat rusty for the first night, and took what I learned and tried to correct the mistakes I made for the second night. Fun all around and I’m glad to play again.

Anyway here is the Spaceship Crash setting document.

Basically in the year 2285 Earth is a mess, as are a few settled/colonized planets in our solar system. The United Patrol and Colonization (UPAC) corp who manages it all wants to send out giant Worldships to look for new planets to exploit colonize. This plan fails and the ships lose communication just past Pluto. Which of course fires up a protest group of neo-Luddites led by Jeremiah Penwrick. UPAC tries a last ditch effort of just sending out any ship they can. The players are on one such ship, the UPAC Lentana, and the session starts with them rudely being awoken from cryosleep to the ship tearing itself apart in atmosphere. A sabotaged gyroscope is the culprit!

A few “a-ha” moments were that one player was a Penwrick traitor who was trying to sabotage the mission. The other is because the crew were in cryosleep for 93 years, UPAC actually advanced their technology well enough to get FTL travel, and had arrived on the same planet earlier.

Here’s a recap I sent to the gaming crew, and I’ll paste again here to get an idea of how it played:

Second Night: 15 person converted mail carrier. 1 meal of food after crashing. Radar was split into two. One other survivor who was wounded but was saved (was a female doctor). Found the advanced fuel rod buried under a rock. Found an intact cryosleep chamber of Almon Garcia, looked like he was in a coma, so they opened it up then jacked him full of post-cryo stims, which overloaded his body and killed him. Scavenged various food (superheated snakes, space potatoes, etc.). Storm was incoming, and on the way to the second radar piece it hit. Over the next day the water flooded and rose to 150 feet. They used the inflatable habitat as a floating thing with a crude paddle to try to get back to the ship. Dove to their ship, recovered Picard and the other radar, which ACCIDENTALLY had the safety rope cut from basically right at the raft. Player had an encounter with a merfolk/mermaid type creature with purple stones in it’s head that shut down nearby electronics. Eventually made another dive for the radar and got it. Climbed a mountain, with the help of a zero-G zone, and setup the radar at the top. It found a UPAC vehicle near a settlement. Went to the settlement, which was primitive, and the people there kept chanting “they’re back”. Finally the party asked how long they were in cryosleep (same 93 years), then it dawned on them that UPAC discovered FTL and made it to the planet 10 years ago. That crew fought and killed each other. The super advanced ship was still there and accessible. Everyone got on, and just as they were going to put the expended fuel rod in the traitor player smashed it. The traitor had saved another player’s life, so they sided together him. Then THAT player had saved another player’s life, so he sided with the traitors too. This left two loyal UPAC players who had a shootout/scuffle to the death with the other three. At one point the traitor’s buddy pointed the ship at a mountain to suicide. Turns out in the heat of the battle we literally ALL forgot about that, until 2 or 3 turns later when they asked what happened with the flying, so everyone smashed into a mountain and died.

First Night: Bigger ship (25 people), less food concerns, had a “Mule” (open topped ATV type vehicle) since one of the players had chosen to be a pilot so needed something to do on planet. The 7 foot long radar also was intact. Found the advanced fuel rod buried in a field of snow. A few of the less Intellect-y folks failed a roll and saw a glowing white light, when touched they had a vision of a massive flood. Oh and the fuel rod when hooked to the Mule sent it into FTL across the planet. Found a swamp, blew up the explosive gas there, found lumps of “membrane” wrapped creatures. Tried to seal up part of the spaceship as a life raft in case the incoming storm was the apocalyptic flood from the vision. Had a run in with some local savages. Once the radar was setup it kept randomly breaking, WEIRD. Eventually jury rigged the Mule with the advanced fuel rod onto the spaceship/liferaft, and went to blast into space. Turns out the obviously sabotaged radar was done by a player, who was the pilot, who flew the ship straight up, then lol straight back into the planet

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