Distant Adventures – new RPG for remote play


I think we were all hoping Covid would be over by now, and yet it drags on and on. I’ve done a few sessions of Fickle RPG remotely over Discord, and although they were fun, the system is clearly designed for face-to-face play. So I figured I’d put together an even lighter RPG that performs better remotely with mics and webcams.
The result is Distant Adventures (get the name pun?). It’s a few pages of rules and no specific character sheet. Describing the game will probably take as long as just reading the rules yourself: Distant Adventures v1.0 rulebook (PDF) or check this page for the latest rules.

But a brief summary of what makes the system stand out:

  • Characters are defined by “things”, which could be personality traits, features, quirks, or even equipment and gear. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator could have “big muscles, great shot, inventive, military training, M16 rifle”. Bruce Robertson from the book/movie Filth could have “alcoholic, degenerate, weak willed, manipulator, policeman”.
  • Situations have an overall Momentum goal/threshold set for the players and any opponents. All people in the group contribute to the same chunk of Momentum, and reaching the goal first means your group achieved what they wanted in a situation.
  • Momentum is generated by performing actions, which are resolved by rolling 5D6 and looking for “Streaks” (numbers in a row, like 3, 4, 5). There are Slight/Average/Perfect Streaks, and some re-rolls if a “thing” was involved, or session based Fate is used.

I’m excited to playtest it more in various settings! Once the game is finalized I’ll make the whole page setup for it on the blog here.

If you want to see the progression of the rulebook here’s the first pass from Nov 04.


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