Distant Adventures v0.9 after feedback

I got feedback from some blind reads of Distant Adventures, and I’ve now integrated it into the rulebook, which bumps the version up the v0.9. I think the rulebook is quite clear and the system is practically there.

What to Playtest
One big “hmm” decision that I need to playtest more is whether Streaks should move to numbered Momentum or stick with the named Momentum. What this means is using a numbered Momentum goal (let’s say 8) and Streaks giving 1/2/4 Momentum (for 3/4/5 length Streaks) instead of the current approach of a named goal (like 1 Perfect) and Streaks of Slight/Average/Perfect. The math one makes a bit more sense in my head and is cleaner and removes the need for a specific tracking sheet (big bonus).

The other upside is I could potentially bump the numbers to 2/4/8 (more obviously shows the doubling) AND maybe introduce a mechanic of +1/-1 Momentum depending on the action that is tried, sort of like an advantage/disadvantage.
So yeah, that’s my biggest thing to playtest, but that’ll be slowly over the next month or so, considering Christmas and all.

Speaking of which, Merry Christmas!

Rules and Feedback
Download the Distant Adventures v0.9 rulebook (PDF)
EDIT: Full version released, see Distant Adventures page for the latest rules

The consolidated feedback from Reddit and other sources:

  • Setup the Adventure section note that Referee + players are working together to tell a fun story, not competing
  • Add a description paragraph before example of play, mentioning the terms might not make sense, and that more examples are later in the rules
  • Clarify initial example text, with special terms stripped out or clarified parenthetically, aka: “The Referee sets the goal (1 Perfect Momentum) that the players and opponents are racing to reach.”
  • Initial example of play has the same dice roll (1, 2, 5, 6, 6) for both the character and enemy, which should be changed
  • Error in Situation Example #1 (Lance driving), enemy needed a roll of 2, 6 instead of 1, 6 to get a Perfect
  • Clarify Overtime, it needs everyone to agree, shouldn’t be used as a punishment or “second chance to win”, is purely a safety net, etc.
  • Expand on how to apply Streak length, Slight = “yes, but”, Average = “yes”, Perfect = “yes, and”
  • Need example under Momentum section to demonstrate how the storyteller sets Momentum goal
  • Clarity rewrite for Spending Fate, “This can be done at any time the player rolls dice.” instead of “can be used with a Thing or without a Thing”

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