Road Trip! – solo dice placement game

The open road calls…the luggage is packed, the car is (mostly) fuelled up, the kids have scribbled on
the road maps, and the theme park, scenic canyon, party town, museum, or whatever destination

Get the Road Trip! rules (1 page rules, 1 page example, and a game sheet)

I’ve never made a solo game until now, so this was a neat new experience. I have also wanted to work with dice placement some more after playing Dicey Dungeons (computer game) and Sagrada (board game). This is a quick (~10-15 minutes…even less if you lose!) casual game meant to be played when you have some time to kill. I think you can really imagine the journey based on what happens each turn (like losing Fuel from getting lost, and everyone being hungry, but you have a terrific CD playing and the music cheers everyone up). I would have liked to fit Weather in as some kind of mechanic, but I just couldn’t squeeze that in there.

I could see making an extended version of the game for multiple players, perhaps with everyone being someone in the car, and trying to juggle all the needs of the passengers and relationships, just like a real road trip.



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