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Netrunner wallpaper

I’ve been playing a bunch of Netrunner lately and recently ordered some more cards (which is exciting since the game is out of print). I found this great wallpaper with art of the Runner named Maxx from the Day Job card.

Otherwise Nanowrimo went pretty well…I started strong, then got a bit sick with a long drawn out cold for a week in the middle of the month so I didn’t write much, and then sort of never got back to it unfortunately. Still did ~11,000 words or so and might write a bit here and there if I have time in Dec. Keeping it pretty mellow on the designing front at the moment but might get back to Glowquest next.

Click for the full massive 3675×2175 size

The best $1 I ever spent

Picked this miniature up at my local game store in their $1 bin. What an absolute gem of a find. I love these charming, somewhat-ugly and somewhat-awkward miniatures (I mean look at how long his arm is!). I also really like the old beak style medieval helmets, AND shields, AND flails. So it’s perfect. Going to be hard to not just paint him realistic metallic colors with a bright shield, but I’m trying to think of a way to make him pop on the game board.

Given my rate of painting he should be done by the year ~2025.

Computer game – cars with guns in a battle royale

I by no means think this game looks high quality or well done or adding much beyond a cash grab at the battle royale craze, and the Steam reviews seem to support it. Certainly doesn’t have the exciting open world aspect of the venerable (and now shutdown) Auto Assault. Or the gritty, hard hitting weapons of Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Or even the tactical elements (at the trade off of janky graphics) of Darkwind.

But hey, it’s still nice to see a game highlighting cars with guns, so here’s the silly named Not My Car – Battle Royale

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw released and it’s so fun

Well Rebel Galaxy Outlaw released exactly 1 week ago, and what a great week it’s been. A bit of history, as I’ve mentioned before Privateer was the first game I bought on CD and absolutely played the heck out of. I still play it monthly almost 30 years later. I found the core gameplay loop so satisfying and the moment-to-moment combat really great and it never seemed to get repetitive. I’ve been waiting for a spiritual successor a long while now. Freelancer came though, and although it was a good enjoyable game in it’s own right, it didn’t quite hit the Privateer vibe perfectly.

And now we’re here with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw (RGO). Ever since the first teaser trailer I’ve been hoping the game would be good. I watched a few videos from the devs and read a bit about it, but in general I was trying to not get my hopes up too much and not spoil too much content.

Now that it’s been released it’s an absolute hoot. Definitely the successor to Privateer I’ve been waiting for. Combat is spot on, as is exploration, progression, stations, music, everything. If you want to see all the ships available I’ve compiled all the ship cockpits to look at.

Here’s some screenshots from my playtime so far.