Distant Adventures (2021-2022)

DA_TitleAfter creating Fickle RPG the Covid pandemic started, and after having a few remote sessions of that game I realized it really was meant to be played face-to-face in person. The dice system, as fun as it is, just wasn’t well suited to playing online.

So I decided to make an even lighter and more fluid RPG that was basically group storytelling with a couple of rules, and was designed from the ground up to be played remotely. Distant Adventures is the result. I also figured since it was November I’d try to create and play and put a bow on the game in a single month under the Nagademon challenge.

Distant Adventures Rules (v1.0 – PDF)

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Anyway some of the unique and interesting parts of Distant Adventures:

  • Characters are defined by “things”, which could be personality traits, features, quirks, or even equipment and gear. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator could have “big muscles, great shot, inventive, military training, M16 rifle”. Bruce Robertson from the book/movie Filth could have “alcoholic, degenerate, weak willed, manipulator, policeman”.
  • Situations have an overall Momentum goal/threshold set for the players and any opponents, instead of individual Hitpoints. All people in the group contribute to the same chunk of Momentum, and reaching the goal first means your group achieved what they wanted in a situation.
  • Momentum is generated by performing actions, which are resolved by rolling 5D6 and looking for “Streaks” (numbers in a row, like 3, 4, 5). There are Slight/Average/Perfect Streaks, and some re-rolls if a “thing” was involved, or session based Fate is used.

At the time of writing I’ve gotten a couple plays in with the game, and am tweaking and refining the rules based on feedback and issues I noticed. Really happy with how it’s working so far. Having characters narratively work towards the same goal, contributing the best their character can in an interesting way, has been really rewarding.