Overview and collection of files for each game or project available. Feel free to download, share, print, and use the heck out of these rules! These links may change as PDFs are worked on and updated. If you have any feedback leave a comment below.

Barons – Medieval game using a damage template system for various soldiers and weapon types.

Brains – Cooperative game of survivors against hordes of zombies. The humans desperately try to gather supplies and complete various objectives.

Cornered – Asymmetrical game of “Few vs Many” with a variety of themes, the base being Haiti voodoo zombies. Concept is dice as an action pool.

πŸ† Dinosaur Cowboys – Polished and refined skirmish game of competing posses of up to 5 humans and 1 dinosaur who fight across the new wild west of 2285 (with laser guns!)

πŸ† Distant Adventures – Light narrative RPG designed for playing remotely during Covid. Unique system of group “Momentum” for succeeding at scenes, instead of individual Hitpoints or similar. Scales well to all scopes of situations and themes, from bribing a guard to taking a month long spaceship journey.

Drylands – Involved RPG set in a post oil apocalypse in the USA, with locational damage, many modifiers, and plenty of crunch.

Duel – Physical dexterity game of a shoot out at high noon. Roll different dice for various wild west guns to try to hit your opponents sheet.

Echo Death – Diceless game of keyboard cowboy hackers competing across a series of nodes, using hand picked programs to crush their opponent.

Existence – RPG based in a near future scenario where a meteor has hit Earth. Players start as “average joes” before a precipitous event sets them on the path to danger and adventure.

Fallen City – RPG set on a massive city planet, overpopulated, rife with crime, and barely holding the power of cloning and genetics at bay.

πŸ† Fickle RPG – Genre agnostic light narrative RPG with cooperative story telling elements, broad character creation, and a resolution mechanic involving choice and bluffing.

πŸ† Flickin’ Cars With Guns – Physical dexterity game with 1-page of rules. “Flick” Hot Wheels cars to move them, measure at targets and roll 2D6 to shoot them, and try to win the game!

Glowquest – Dungeon crawler as a homage to Advanced Heroquest with a focus on combat, exploration, looting, and improving and advancing your heroes

Honour Among Greens – Simple 1-page rule set for teaching the basics of wargames to kids. Armies consist of toys like plastic army men, knights, cowboys, aliens, etc. Resolution includes return fire and is fast and bloody as a result.

Life of a Dinosaur Cowboy – RPG set in a sci-fi setting of dinosaurs, lasers, and cowboys. Build a character from a set of skills and adventure across the new wild west.

Ocean Privateer – Create a wooden tall ship from building blocks, stations, and components, then battle opponents on the high seas with cannons and boarding actions.

πŸ† Road Trip! – Solo dice placement and roll-and-keep game that challenges you to travel to your destination
while managing the fun (and fuel) of the trip, and maybe making a memory or two along the way.

πŸ† Party of Light – Cooperative RPG for kids with the idea of teaching improvisation and grow imaginations. Attempts to apply a bit of structure and resolution to inventive encounters while sticking to the idea of “Yes, and…” when deciding if an action is possible.

Salt Agora – RPG of desert travellers and traders who adventure in the Kalahari in search of riches.

The Grand Adventure – Light, narrative RPG for kids that focuses less on combat and a board/grid and more on having a fun adventure.

Tremors – Cooperative boardgame based on the movie, as character band together to try to escape the Graboid attack of Perfection, NV.

πŸ† White Line Fever – Car game with Hot Wheels where “speed is everything”. Push your luck to get an advantage and shoot your opponent into a burning heap of scrap.


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