This blog should be pretty self explanatory except maybe the category grouping in the navigation menu above.

About: But first a bit of an “about”, which instead of rehashing here I’ll point you to the introduction post for this blog.

And if you want a consolidated view of all the rules available to download, check out the aptly named Downloads page.

Categories: As for the categories, there are four: Old, Ponder, Brainstorm, and Finalized. The first is pretty obvious, and is basically an archive of my old games and ideas. The remaining three categories mirror my personal design process.

My first step with a game is Ponder, where I am inspired by a vague idea, theme, world, or mechanic. I let the thought brew in the back of my mind as I drive and talk to people and lie half asleep in bed. Then one day my brain is filled up enough with the concept and I write it down.

That’s when I move to Brainstorm, which is putting actual pen to (sometimes electronic) paper and scribbling out notes. Sometimes I’m satisfied at this point: I’ve explored an idea as far as I want, got the concept and rough rules down, and my brain is emptied again. Other times I love the idea and playtest the rules, ideally as fast as possible to maintain motivation and focus.

Once I’ve iterated through revisions and tests I might format a pretty document and move to Finalized. There are, of course, varying degrees of finality. Some of my games I truly am done with. They play well, are fleshed out, and hold up under scrutiny. Others are a labor of love and I’m either currently playing, revising, or plan to rework.

Dates: If the date range is “unclosed”, like 2016+, that means I’m still working on the game or tweaking it. Otherwise if it’s a date range (like 2016-2018) that means I’m done development of the game. I definitely still play a lot of my finished games, so there might be new supporting content for it, but in theory the core mechanics and rules should be stable and unchanging.

Hope that helps!