Road Trip! (2022)

I’ve wanted to make a game about road trips for a while – just something light and casual and fun. Mainly because I’ve gone on a ton of them and easily put 200,000km on my car in the first few years I had it.
Road Trip! is a solo game (first time I’ve made one of those) with dice placement mechanics and a tiny bit of roll-and-keep. Basically you are trying to go a set Distance, and have to manage the Fuel and Fun of the trip. A third resource Memories can be gained and spent to tweak your dice rolls. All in all this game does exactly what I was trying to achieve. Definitely needs a less generic name though haha.

Road Trip! Rules (v1.0 – PDF)

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Not much else to be done with the game, pretty much brainstormed it in a couple days and put the rules together. The longest part was drawing out a game sheet (where you place the dice) and refining that to be as real-world usable as possible. I think it’d be interesting to try to make a smaller sized version that fits on an index card or something too.