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My “Fishing Day” web game

My “Fishing Day” web game

Hard to get any in-person games with Covid, so I made another fun web game (originally for my kids, but great for all ages). The idea is pretty simple, you get a beautifully generated map (with tons of little touches) and can fish for 10 bait a day, trying to catch what you can. The reel the fish in you have to do a “quick time event” minigame, such as pressing the correct keys in order, or doing a simple math problem. You can change the difficulty to suit your individual skill. There are over 130 fish you can catch, plus they sometimes dynamically recolor to add even more variety. Birds peacefully fly overhead, rain and snow can fall, and you get an exciting new map after every night. Scores persist between sessions in the same browser, so see how high you can get!


Here’s a few screenshots showing the variety that awaits you:


My “Treasure Hunt” web game

What started as a silly little side project to teach my kids about programming has turned into something quite fun and polished. This is my Treasure Hunt game, and you might want to check it out. The idea is a monster (tons of random ones that come up) is attacking your town, and you need to collect coins to bribe them and scare them away. There are useful Powerups you can trigger at the right time, and also hazardous tentacles that slow you if you touch them. The maps are all random and I really like how they look, and there are even some rare surprises that can come up in the generation.


I’d love feedback and any comments!

Computer game – cars with guns in a battle royale

I by no means think this game looks high quality or well done or adding much beyond a cash grab at the battle royale craze, and the Steam reviews seem to support it. Certainly doesn’t have the exciting open world aspect of the venerable (and now shutdown) Auto Assault. Or the gritty, hard hitting weapons of Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Or even the tactical elements (at the trade off of janky graphics) of Darkwind.

But hey, it’s still nice to see a game highlighting cars with guns, so here’s the silly named Not My Car – Battle Royale