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I bought my dream dice

Goblin-Brain-DiceYou’d think after all these years of slowly adding to a dice collection I’d have everything I need. Then again those people likely can’t relate to this meme:

Anyway a couple years ago I bought some Gamescience precision dice. They were…alright. Ink quality was a bit poor, having to hand file/sand the sprue bit off felt like it defeated the purpose, and they felt way too light to roll and easy to chip/damage. I’ve also dabbled in casino dice, but as some people know, their sharp edges don’t roll much and are truly meant to be thrown on a craps table, not rolling 3+ of them in your hand at once for a game.

THEN I learned about precision backgammon dice. These dice are milled/cut from a cube, instead of tumbled into shape (which results in imperfections). They also have flat faces instead of indented pips. And they’re a standard 16mm size. Oh and the weight is terrific. So after much consideration (because they are pricey) I picked up some from a Canadian based Advanced Squad Leader website: http://asl-battleschool.blogspot.com/p/backgammon-dice.html.


I couldn’t be happier, and can’t wait to use them for Fickle RPG, Distant Adventures, and whatever boardgames I need.

My new “Double Six” dice

Oh man, I just bought these dice from the Double Six store, and they are so perfectly up my alley. They are 12 sided dice numbered 1-6 twice, so you can use them as standard D6s but with all the benefits of a D12 (such as being the coolest dice shape, rolling well, feeling nice when you have a handful).

Anyway I can’t wait to use them in Fickle RPG (thus the different colors 😉 ) or really any game with D6s ever.