Distant Adventures v0.8 preview


Well, I slightly missed the Nagademon deadline for Distant Adventures, with my original intent being finalizing the rules before the end of Nov. I’m going to cut myself some slack, maybe take a note from big corporations and blame Covid, or how hard it is to organize dice RPGs with friends in their mid-30s, or something.

Current rulebook is v0.8, and got a bit bigger (8 pages, although only 4 are really needed by players).
Download the Distant Adventures v0.8 rulebook (PDF)
EDIT: Full version released, see Distant Adventures page for the latest rules

Either way, I’ve trimmed down the feedback list from my playtests, consolidated a big list, and applied all those changes to the rulebook. There’s still some formatting/spacing to do, but I didn’t want to fidget around with fitting everything properly until I was at v1.0 and done rewrites. Which I think I’m very close too! I’m going to post the rules a couple places to get some blind feedback. Then maybe get one more playtest with a new group in the next week or two. After that the rules should be wrapped up. Then I might continue on my streak of finishing projects, and revisit Fickle RPG for the ~4-7 or so changes I want to do there.


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