Distant Adventures v1.0 release!

DA-PreviewWell it didn’t take as long as some of my games, but I’ve finalized my light RPG Distant Adventures into v1.0! I’ve run lots of playtests with different groups in different settings, as well as being a player of the game. I’ve made some tweaks and changes, and most importantly really focused on having the rulebook be clear, concise, and ensure the game I intended to make is the game that gets played on the table.

The exciting link: Distant Adventures v1.0 (PDF)

If you haven’t been following the development, the biggest features are characters all work towards a shared Momentum goal, instead of having individual Hitpoints or whatever. Resolution is simple: roll 5D6, keep-and-reroll if a “Thing” from your character applies to your action, and look for Streaks, which are dice faces in a row, such as 2, 3, 4. The “Things” of your character are features, defining qualities, abilities, cliches, tropes, archetypes, etc.

So a very flexible system, where every character concept can contribute equally, and there are tons of solutions and approaches to any situation. Allowing any setting/theme is a plus as well.


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