Nanowrimo 2019

Well it’s be 10 years since I wrote my first Nanowrimo. If you don’t know what Nanowrimo it’s short for National Novel Writing Month, and the idea is to try to write 50,000 words in the month of November on whatever topic you want, in whatever form you want. Through the years I’ve tried writing alongside friends or competing/racing with them, or just to get an idea I had out on paper. This year I’m primarily writing because it’s the 10 year anniversary. I have a story I’m interested in, but it’s hard to devote nights to getting 1,667 words out, especially with 3 kids. So I might take a 10,000 word handicap per kid distracting me and just aim for 20,000 words this month. We’ll see. Either way fun to give it a shot.

Right now my story is called Death Before Honor and the idea is a degenerate bandit gets possessed by a demon/creature/something during a raid. Obviously he’s not a fan of that, and hears that people going on the Crusade can get salvation. So he joins up, and basically has a redemption arc as he goes from a cowardly, heavy drinking, scattered vagabond to a more focused guy. Plus on a more practical level it’s always an interesting concept to me of a stealthy type character who uses light weapons (like daggers) getting used to wearing heavy armor and using a sword and shield and fighting fair.

So yeah I’ll be working away on that for this month and I’ll maybe post some progress here, and will for sure link what I end up with. Otherwise on the game front I’ve been enjoying having White Line Fever wrapped up (although I might do some weapon tweaks here and there was time goes on). I’ve been playing a lot of deckbuilders recently, namely Star Realms and Valley of the Kings. And my coworker and I are starting to play some Android Netrunner which of course is the best card game of all time.

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