White Line Fever – rulebook pictures (FINALLY)

I’ve been meaning to take staged pictures for the rulebook diagrams since summer. Part of the delay was ensuring the rules were fully done (such as Droppable size) and so on. But last night I FINALLY sat down with my movable lamps and camera tripod and took them all. I still need to do some retouching (such as adding lines showing measurements/angles/moving). I also found a bunch of art and icons to put on the Droppables, as that’s outstanding as well. But the rulebook is supa dupa close now!

A lot of these are pretty functional, but I particularly like the first and last shot. The component shot (reminds me of Dinosaur Cowboys a bit) and the desert “Dune Daddy” one (especially the shadows).

And yes, I DID buy a duplicate Hot Wheels car to easily show the “before and after” of movement and turning. I still think I might eventually do a computer generated diagram (almost like the style of a traffic/learner’s permit driving book) just because the real cars don’t add a ton, but that won’t be anytime soon (if ever).

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